course status 20 september
almkreek course opened
the course is qualifying
amsteldijk nodatareceived
amsterdam - waterland nodatareceived
bentwoud nodatareceived
brunssummerheide nodatareceived
crayestein golf nodatareceived
crimpenerhout course opened
the course is qualifying
de batouwe nodatareceived
de herkenbosche nodatareceived
de kroonprins nodatareceived
de turfvaert course opened
the course is qualifying
pinpostitie a. prikken greens hole 1,2,3 en 5.
de zeeuwsche nodatareceived
delfland nodatareceived
efteling golfpark nodatareceived
g&cc winterswijk nodatareceived
golf centrum noordwijk nodatareceived
golf4all harderwijk nodatareceived
golfbaan t balletje nodatareceived
golfcentrum roosendaal nodatareceived
golfclub capelle nodatareceived
golfpark de breuninkhof nodatareceived
golfpark wilnis nodatareceived
grevelingenhout nodatareceived
haarlemmermeersche nodatareceived
hitland nodatareceived
hoenshuis g&cc nodatareceived
kagerzoom nodatareceived
kasteel engelenburg course opened
the course is qualifying
lochemse golfclub nodatareceived
ockenburgh nodatareceived
ooghduyne nodatareceived
regthuys nodatareceived
rijswijkse gc nodatareceived
sluispolder nodatareceived
sluispolder nodatareceived
spaarnwoude nodatareceived
the dunes nodatareceived
welschap nodatareceived
zelle, t nodatareceived

The list shows the openings and conditions of all associated golfcourses. The courses enter this information themselves and are responsible for the accuracy.

If nothing else is specified, this means that the course is fully opened and qualifying and that buggies and trolleys are allowed.